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When researching agency network programs like Agents’ Advantage, we know agents like to get as much information up front as they can. We have put together our most commonly asked questions to help you determine if we are the right program for your agency.
Insurance intermediaries offer your agency the ability to offer more carriers without typical direct appointment premium volume commitments.
For you… nothing! Membership to our program is free! Gain access to A rated carriers at no cost! Forget Wholesaler’s policy fees, Application fees, and Membership fees. Even better, don’t write us a check, we’ll write you one (for earned commission)!!!

YOU do!
You will always OWN the book of business by contract!

Sub Code policies will be written with your agency name. REMINDER: No matter whose name appears on the policy the BOOK is always yours!

In order to become a member of Agents’ Advantage we require that you hold a valid license in the state(s) you wish to place business and a current Errors & Omissions policy for the entity you plan to enroll (individual or corporate). Agents’ Advantage requires our members to have Errors & Omissions policies in effect with minimum limits of $1,000,000 (per occurrence and aggregate), that covers defense and indemnity.

*The named insured on your Errors and Omissions declarations page needs to match the agency name listed on your corporate license (if you are enrolling a corporation) . Applications that do not meet this condition cannot be enrolled until the necessary changes have been made. Agents’ Advantage Inc. requires the Named Insured on your E&O reads the same as your Insurance License, for individuals and corporations.

In addition to a valid license and E&O, all members must complete our Application Packet. The Agents’ Advantage Application Packet will be supplied to qualifying agents after an introductory phone call with one of our Agency Development Managers. Get Started.

Agents’ Advantage members have the opportunity to earn as much as 90% of the commission received from the carrier. Members can also qualify to earn Profit Sharing on their Sub Coded books of business. Profit Sharing percentage and eligibility are based on total book size, retention and profitability. All Sub Code and Affiliate Commissions are paid to Agents’ Advantage by the carrier. By contract commissions are mailed out each month on, or prior to, the 15th of the month.
If you have a question that we did not address please do not hesitate to ASK!


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