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We offer independent insurance agents a no cost membership to extend their markets, without substantial premium volume requirements.


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We assist independent insurance agents in the growth of their enterprise, while allowing them to retain ownership of their books of business.


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We help our agents compete with peer agents while giving their clients the benefits of being placed with an elite insurance company.

Agents' Advantage

We are an insurance intermediary

We understand the demands of an independent insurance agency; after all that is how we started! Often an agency’s need for an additional market outpaces their ability to satisfy another large volume requirement. Avoid the delays and headaches associated with typical brokering arrangements and gain direct platform access through our program. We provide a unique opportunity for agents of any size to access primary markets that would otherwise be out of reach. Our function is to assist independent agents in the growth of their business without a partnership or merger of their enterprise. Our unique operation helps our affiliated agents stand out above the crowd.
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We do not charge any Membership Fees

At Agents’ Advantage we are interested in
putting money in your pocket (commissions),
not taking money from you!


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