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Types of Membership


You will meet with one of our Agents' Advantage Agency Development Managers to determine if you are a 'good fit' for a particular carrier. Once a decision has been made on the market(s) that best fit(s) your agency, a carrier representative will visit your agency, you will complete the necessary applications, and upon carrier approval you will be allocated a sub code.

  • Sub Code Members gain access to quote, bind and service policies at the carrier level, directly from their office.
  • Representatives from the carriers you obtain a Sub Code with will come to your office and complete a full product overview, training your staff on the underwriting guidelines and rating procedures to be followed. (In office training in some instances will be substituted by a webinar.)
  • Gain direct access to carrier underwriters.
  • Your agency name appears on the policy.
  • Obtain binding authority with admitted carriers.
  • Access carrier online rating platforms.
  • Sub Codes are ultimately based on the carrier's discretion.

E&S Alliance

Interested agents discuss with one of our Agents' Advantage Agency Development Managers their current E&S relationships and discuss potential opportunities to earn enhanced commissions. Qualifying agents will then be sent an application and agreement for enrollment for E&S products.

  • E&S Alliance members complete & send applications for quotation.
  • Gain direct access to E&S underwriter.
  • Access E&S online rating platform.
  • Opportunity to earn enhanced commissions on E&S business.
  • Access over 30 E&S Markets

E&S Alliance Members service their business directly with the E&S Underwriter.

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