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ShelterPoint Life Insurance Company

Small businesses have been trusting ShelterPoint to protect their interests for over 40 years. Our primary focus is providing these business owners and their employees the safety and security they deserve, so our benefit solutions go right to the heart of what they care about most.
  • Expertise and insight into what small business needs
  • Products, technology and service platforms that are easy to understand, implement and administer
  • A broad, affordable portfolio of group benefits
Small business means everything to us. Discover how our simple, to-the-point benefits can mean everything to you.

ShelterPoint Quick Facts:
  • NY-domiciled carrier founded in 1972 as The First Rehabilitation Insurance Company and renamed to ShelterPoint Life Insurance Company in 2014
  • New York's expert in statutory disability and Paid Family Leave
  • Ranked #1 in New York in statutory short-term disability premiums
  • Ranked #6 nationwide by NAIC in total short-term disability lives covered
  • ShelterPoint Life acquired ShelterPoint Insurance Company (a FL-domiciled carrier) in 2014
Together, as the ShelterPoint Family of Companies, we
  • Are licensed in 50 jurisdictions
  • Insure over 160,000 employers and more than 1.6 million members
  • Offer a broad portfolio of group benefits such as Dental, Vision, Hospital Cash, Medical Gap, etc.
  • Stand by a distribution model exclusively through independent agents and brokers.

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ShelterPoint Life Insurance Company
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