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We understand the underwriting struggles of an independent insurance agent in Connecticut. As well as the operational hurdles of combating rate increases, offsetting commission cuts, and navigating carrier conglomerations. Connecticut agents need markets with lenient coastal restrictions for homeowners, as well as comprehensive, competitive solutions for their Artisan Contractors and Restaurants.
Representing the carriers needed to properly cover your insureds and grow your agency can be nearly impossible without the assistance of an insurance aggregator. Agents’ Advantage offers agents in Connecticut a no-cost membership to extend their markets, without substantial premium volume requirements.

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CT Agency Development Manager

Amanda Musico - Agents Advantage

Amanda Musico

Amanda is the newest member of the Agents’ Advantage team and is eager to apply her agency experience to connect members with the markets they need to be successful. Her goal is to pair agents with the markets that will allow them to have a competitive edge over their peers.

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We provide independent insurance agents from Connecticut with top-rated markets.

Access to Carriers & Products

Access the full product line of top-rated P&C markets in CT.


Represent one (or multiple) elite national and regional markets.


Your name appears on the policy and you retain ownership of expirations.

Competitive Compensation

Earn the lions share and qualify for carrier specific incentives.


Gain access to Carrier Underwriters & Marketing Reps.

No Membership Fees

We are interested in putting money in your pocket!

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Agents’ Advantage takes pride in knowing that we help agents reach markets, stay competitive and remain independent. Our function is to assist independent agents in the growth of their business without a partnership or merger of their enterprise. Acting as an intermediary, we can assist your agency in representing multiple insurance carriers without substantial premium dollar commitments.
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Agents’ Advantage can assist your agency in representing multiple insurance carriers without substantial premium dollar commitments.


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