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Book Transfers

We will gladly assist you in consolidating business you may have brokered through multiple business arrangements as well as, ensuring we meet your clients' coverage and pricing needs. Some participating markets offer initial book transfer quoting assistance!

Reasons to Consider a Book Transfer:
  • Servicing Issues on Brokered Business
  • Carrier Rating and/or Financial Status Downgrade
  • Market Taking Rate or Making Tier Changes
  • Book Stagnancy / Inability to Grow Book
  • Lack of Growth due to changes in UW Appetite or Geographic Location
  • Consolidate Brokered Business Written through a Variety of Relationships

Benefits of a Book Transfer:
  • Offset Carrier Commission Decreases
  • Gain Override Opportunities or New Business Incentives
  • Regain Control of Your Book and Deal directly with the issuing Company
  • Place Book with Highly Rated National Markets as well as Superior Performing Regional Markets
  • Enhanced Commission Opportunities
You and your clients deserve the best. Arrange a Book Transfer and give yourself the competitive edge and your clients a carrier they can rely on! contact our Book Transfer Department today, to discuss options for your agency:

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