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Submitting Business

Sub Coded Agent - E&S Alliance Procedure

Sub Code Membership Procedure:

Once a Sub Code Member has been provided their carrier specific sub code, the carrier will work to arrange training and user access for the agency. The agency will also be advised of the carrier's particular Underwriting Guidelines. After learning how to utilize the carrier's website and quoting platform, Sub Code Members will submit applications for quotation via the carrier website. Sub Code members gain access to quote, bind and service at the carrier level!

The Sub Code member will be responsible for servicing the accounts written through their sub code at the carrier level. Service Center Sub Codes are offered by some of our participating carriers.

Agents' Advantage offers Sub Code members more managable production expectations than if they were appointed directly with a carrier.

E&S Alliance Procedure:

Once all necessary enrollment applications and agreements have been completed the agent will be provided the direct Underwriter Contact Info.

Members enrolled to place business though our E&S Alliance will send risks directly to the E&S Underwriter for quotation. All binding and after policy servicing will be handled with the member and E&S source directly.
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