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Insurance Wholesalers Advantage

Why insurance wholesalers? As a small to mid-sized insurance agency, you may be wondering how you can get the best deal for your clients while growing your business at the same time. The insurance market, whether it’s for individuals or companies, is an extremely competitive field, and it can be hard to gain traction against larger insurance agencies that have direct access to multiple insurance carriers. Fortunately, there is a way that independent insurance agents can hold their ground and provide to clients not just individualized service but competitive premiums on policies as well. Agents’ Advantage, works like an insurance wholesaler but is an insurance intermediary; assisting you in getting the prices, markets and flexibility you and your clients need, without the steep premium volume commitments that typically accompany a direct carrier appointment.

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Why do agents utilize Insurance Aggregators?

Insurance is a big business, and the largest insurance carriers instill hefty premium volume requirements for you to represent them, figures which could jeopardize your current direct market obligations. Even if you can entertain a carrier’s annual volume commitment in order to represent that particular company, you’re then obligated to write polices for that single carrier; whether they are competitive or not. This can be problematic if another carrier offers better rates and/or a wider range of policies, coverage’s, etc.. How do independent agencies compete? Is there room in the industry for agencies and brokers that provide highly personal, individualized service to their clients or are they doomed to be pushed out by large corporate firms? An insurance aggregator like Agents’ Advantage can provide you access to multiple carriers, and can therefore help you access competitive pricing and products for your insureds. Instead of being stuck with a single carrier, Agents’ Advantage can quote your clients with more than a dozen A rated insurance carriers. You tailor a policy for your client; we’ll work to obtain the best price our insurance carriers can offer.

Agents’ Advantage is not an Excess and Surplus brokerage, we are an insurance intermediary specializing in standard markets

All Insurance Aggregators are Equal: The Benefits of Agents’ Advantage

Just because other insurance intermediaries may provide similar services, doesn’t mean they’re all good for your business. Many insurance intermediaries charge agencies onerous fees, and insist on partial ownership of their book! Agents’ Advantage charges no annual fees, no membership fees, and no application fees. If you join as a Sub Code Member your agency name will appear on the policy and Affiliate Members maintain total ownership of their book of business. In fact, with Agents’ Advantage, no matter whose name appears on the policy, the book of business is always yours! An insurance intermediary can offer great benefits to small and mid-sized agencies. However, it’s crucial you choose an intermediary that cares about your company, not just the business you place with them. Agents’ Advantage is proud to work with members who were issued their licenses only last month and came to us without an existing book of business, and with well established agencies! With Agents’ Advantage you can forget about fees and focus on your customers. Remember: You don’t write us a check, we write you one (for earned commission)!

Agents’ Advantage will help keep you ahead of the competition: our aim is to be your premier insurance intermediary!
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