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Book Transfers

If you have recently terminated an agreement or have policies brokered with any of our partner carriers and are unsatisfied with the service you are receiving from the servicing broker, we may be able to help you. Deal directly with the issuing insurance carrier through a Book Transfer!

We can gladly assist you in consolidating business you may have brokered through multiple business arrangements. Combining multiple small books of business into one larger book may help us accelerate the Sub Code process, and possibly provide your agency with an additional new business override in addition to our already very competitive commission schedule. You and your clients deserve the best. Arrange a Book Transfer and give yourself the competitive edge and your clients a carrier they can rely on!

Benefits of a Book Transfer:
  • Regain Control of Your Book
  • Opportunity to Earn Higher Commission Percentages
  • Jump Start the Sub Code Appointment Process
  • Place Book with an A Rated Carrier
  • Possibly Qualify for New Business Overrides
*In the event you are looking to move one policy at a time, it would not warrant a book transfer, but should be moved via a Broker of Record (BOR) instead. BORs are accepted by most participating carriers!

At Agents' Advantage we love to discuss Book Transfer opportunities! Contact our Book Transfer Department with any questions you may have at:

A Book Transfer is the fastest way to obtain a Sub Code from one of Agents' Advantage's participating carriers.
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